Southern Nevada Family Medicine


Physicals and Wellness

We take routine examinations to strengthen your health.

Primary Care

We provide preventive services that reduce your costs.

Diagnostic Testing

We use high-tech equipment to best diagnose your condition.


We help manage & control high blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.


Tests to diagnose the disease before symptoms appear.

Lab Services snfm

Lab Services

We provide clinical laboratory services seven days a week.

Acute Care snfm

Acute Care

We offer primary medical care depending on your condition.

About us

Southern Nevada Family Medicine

In addition to preventing the loss of time, our services are considerably affordable. Instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam, waiting in lines, and getting exposed to chronic illnesses, trust in a health center that eliminates all the mentioned issues.
Our high-tech equipment helps us best diagnose your condition to put you up with the most suitable treatment.
We value your comfort and peace of mind, so our center is designed in a way that you feel at home.

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    Amir Nicknam


    Dr. Amir Nicknam is a board-certified physician. He specializes in family practice and is a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Nicknam received his medical degree from Ross University, his residency training at MetroHealth Medical Center in Cleveland, and his Master’s in Public Health from the Medical College of Wisconsin. 2010 Dr. Amir Nicknam founded SNOHC to provide expertise and services for the industrial workforce’s total health and wellness.

    Southern Nevada Family Medicine

    Mission and Goal

    Southern Nevada Family Medicine welcomes you to our practice, operated by Board Certified Family Practice physician. Our mission is to maintain your health in a compassionate and professional environment. Our philosophy is to help you lead a healthy and happy life. Our goal is to obtain the highest level of patient and community satisfaction.


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